Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer!

Well, I've been slacking a bit on this whole blogging thing lately...we have just had a lot going on here the past few months. (Story of our lives!)

Let's's a little bit of what has been going on...

I went back to school, Cabe went back to school...oh and I started a new job working for TOM Shoes! Such a blessing and I learn so many new things everyday!

Can't really remember a whole lot of what went on this month...getting adjusted to a new schedule and workload with school and work made that all a big blur!

Mom visited North Carolina, and I kept on keeping on with school and work. Papa Cabe was having a tough time starting this month and Mom was lucky to get to see him over the course of the next couple of months.

We celebrated Ash's 25th Birthday! Cabe and I also went up to visit Nana and Pap in PA! We had a blast, Cabe went up the week before me and I waited and went with Aunt Nancy. Never a dull moment I tell ya!

This was a tough month, and I'm sure glad its over. It was a year ago this month that Dad passed away. Not only was it the anniversary of that, we lost the best Pappaw ever. We look at it that we have the best guardian angels now, even though we are a little jealous that Dochie and Pappaw are back together...we know its where he needs to be and he's now feeling better than ever! Bittersweet for sure.

This has been another crazy month. Father's Day is always tough, especially this year. It was Mom's first year without her Dad, and it kind of came too soon after all that happened only a couple weeks ago. It was a rough weekend, but like I said before we realize that we couldn't ask for better people to always be looking over us.

There is nothing else to really report right now. I am trying to get a free weekend to visit the cousins and family in Dallas and then head back up to NC again here sometime soon too!

Thanks to everyone who has been nothing short of supportive over the past couple of months. Its tough to live by yourself, and I only did it for a little over a month! (Mom was in NC a majority of April & May to help take care of Pappaw) It seemed like the minute Mom left the house fell apart, but I don't want to even go there!

Here's to having a FABULOUS Summer with lots of laughs!

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