Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet September!

School has started, and things are starting to get back to normal in our neck of the woods. We have been going 90 to nothing, and now with class and only working a little bit I don't really know what to do with myself! Its the first time in a long time, and its kind of nice! Cabe started school on Monday at A&M again and seems to be doing well so far. Its a little early to tell what the semester will be like for him, but I'm sure he'll be able to handle it! He's a smart dude. I figured out that I don't have too much time left in school myself, so if I can hammer it out in the next couple semesters I will be golden! Can't wait to say I FINALLY graduated. Time well spent for sure, and a great feeling of accomplishment!

Just wanted to give a quick update on everything and share a few pictures that I haven't had time to put up of birthday celebrations, and just being out with friends this summer!

How we Celebrated our 24th Year!
We had a really great time celebrating our Birthdays together this year! Start of a new tradition, I think so!!!
Jules & Abbs @ Dick's Last Resort in Dallas

Our "Stupid" Birthday Hats...we really liked them!

Cory and Jules @ dinner

The Birthday Girls!

My Uncle Phil really thought I needed this license plate since it has my nickname on it....needless to say, its sitting in my room right now! He's the best!

Cory, Me, Abby and Kyle

The Group @ The Ginger Man in Dallas

In the Car on the way home...or should I say to Whataburger...haha...

Yummy Birthday Cake!
Ashley, Me and Abs...being silly.
The Group at Chuggin' Charlies Pub

Thanks to all our friends and family who made our birthdays really special this year! I'm so blessed!

On a side note, I am off to celebrate Labor Day in Destin this year with The Chandler Clan and The French Family too! Should be a fun filled weekend that will provide many stories to tell when we come back! Can't wait to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into this trip! Never a dull moment with us! Everyone have a safe Labor Day weekend wherever you spend it, I will have plenty of pictures to share when we get back---Take care!


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