Friday, August 21, 2009

Back in the swing of things!

August has been such a fun month for our family. Between trips to Dallas, Birthday Celebrations and seeing old friends we have just been having so much fun! Even though we've had fun its time to start getting back into the normal routine of school, work...and more school. Mom has been working a lot and also doing some traveling too. Cabe will be moving back up to College Station this weekend for another fun semester in Aggieland, and I will be going back to school this semester as well! I can't wait to see what taking night classes is going to be like. I waited too long to sign up for classes with all of the traveling that we have been doing so I got stuck with all the classes that nobody signs up for! Ugh! Oh well, I might actually like it...we'll see.

Like I said before, we have had some fun times with friends and family this month celebrating mine and Abby's 24th Birthdays. We are 4 days apart, and yes she is older. (I think she will dangle that over my head until we're 80!) We started off by celebrating in Dallas at Dicks Last Resort! Such a fun place! We all shared so many was just too much fun! I got to meet Abby's wonderful friends and soon to be brother and sister-in law. They were awesome! Looking forward to spending some time at the beach in September with the crew!

After I got home from Dallas, Abby and Kyle came down to help finish celebrating my birthday with all our friends. Friday night we celebrated with family since Mom and Cabe were leaving for a few days to visit Chicago and wouldn't be here on my actual birthday. On Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner at Tommy Bahamas, and then headed to Chuggin' Charlies Pub for some music and cocktails with more friends. Lets just say that we had a little too much fun and sure paid for it the next morning! Then the next adventure was on Tuesday night when the Cascino's took me to dinner at Carrabbas to celebrate. I am once again blessed with such great friends and family, and they all made me feel so special on my birthday this year! I can't wait to see what is in store for me during this next year!

Pictures to come...but until then I am getting ready for school to start myself, busy time is about to hit me head on!


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