Monday, September 14, 2009


So September has been an eventful month so far! Lots to tell! Over the Labor Day holiday, I had the chance to go to Destin, Fl with the Chandler Family and French Family. I was so excited to get there and experience what 5 weeks of planning had turned into....Kyle & Abby's Wedding!!! We had been planning for the occasion for just over a month. Not a soul knew except for the 8 of us who were there to share in their special day! I honestly can't believe that we pulled it off without anyone finding out, but we did it! Yay!

The "Kids" as we called them all weekend (haha) are planning a reception in Dallas on October 17th for all the friends and family who didn't get to attend. I am so thankful yet again to have such a wonderful family added to ours, even if it is just through being cousins! I feel like I've gained a few more, and they are wonderful!

Here are some pictures from Abby and Kyle's special day....ENJOY!

The SanDestin Hilton
The Emeral Grande, where Abby and Kyle were married on the Capt.'s Deck
September 5, 2009Abby and Her Dad Mr. & Mrs. Kyle French!Wahooo! We pulled it off!The Group "Jumping" on the beach!The guys being....Guys. Abby and Kyle calling family and friends to fill them in...
Abby, Me, Kyle and Katie about to Parasail!Getting on the Boat....
All in all, the trip was so much fun and the planning was well worth it. Everything went off without a hitch and we had a really great time.
School is still just school...but I'm doing pretty well for the time being. Just ready to get out for good! I went to visit Cabe in CS this past weekend and we had a really good time just catching up for a few hours. I guess I didn't think I would miss him being around as much as I do! Wow, we must be growing up if we are starting to like eachother! Hahaha....
Our family has an exciting Fall planned and I can't wait to get to all the fun stuff! First stop, Cayman Islands with The Cascino's. (aka. My 2nd Family) Then, to Dallas for the Party! Exciting month ahead, can't wait!
Have a great week everyone!

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