Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Better late than never!

Wow! It sure has been a while since I've posted anything. We have just been so busy over the past month or so! Where to begin...

Since the last time I've posted we have have visitors here in Texas, and have also done a little traveling ourselves! My cousin Ashley came down to visit from June 18th-22nd. It was her first trip here since I was 3! Crazy how time flys! Her visit mainly consisted of laying in the pool, some fun on the lake and just catching up with family she had never even met! All in all, we had such a blast! I'm sad that Courtney didn't get to tag along, but that just gives them another reason to come down again soon!

Like I said before, we've had many visitors over the past month. Over July 4th weekend Aunt Nancy, Abby and her "Fiance" Kyle came down for a visit. Along with the Rowland Family we sure had a lot of fun just hanging out in the pool and jamming to some MJ, dominating at Rock n' Bowl, and just relaxing. It was really nice to catch up with everyone. Things have just been so crazy lately that I feel like we haven't been able to focus on much else.

Only one horrible thing happened over the 4th....While I was passing out the wonderful Pina Coladas that I made, my cell phone went swimming in the pool. NO FEAR! Minute rice was there to rescue me! We learned this little trick from when Aaron went swimming with his keys and phone not too long ago. You just take everything apart and stick it all in a bag of minute rice and leave it in the hot car over night! Worked like magic! I'm now using my old phone with no problems! (Knock on wood)

All in all, things are great for the Joswick clan right now. We are just taking things in stride and preparing ourselves for the trip up North to see Nana and Pap. On this trip we will be taking "Dad" to his final resting place and honoring the person that he was so many years ago. Pray for us on our upcoming journey that everything goes smoothly and that Cabe is able to get through his Eulogy once again. I know I say it all the time, but our family really is the best and I'm not sure what I would do withouth all the love and support that they are constantly sending our way! Love you all very much!

Until next time....


P.S.-There will be pictures to come of all the fun we've had over the past few weeks! Stay tuned!

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