Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Summer, Friends!

WOW! Its been quite a while since I've updated this thing. Honestly, I just felt like there wasn't much to tell and I was just enjoying see all the fun going on in everyone else's lives throughout this year. We have had quite a busy summer so I thought that it might be time to update everyone on what has been going on down in our neck of the woods. 

We headed out to California, for what was known to be an amazing trip and I couldn't wait to finally see where all the "TOMS Magic" happens. We had a full week of fun with the entire TOMS Crew which included a "Sunset Cruise" into the marina and tons of fun and dancing...ALL NIGHT LONG. :) Such a great time! Unfortunately, one essential piece of the puzzle was missing--Pete wasn't able to make it down to the Sales Summit, but we were sure missing and celebrating him the entire time! We were all just so glad that he was healing and do so much better! 

I got back late the Friday  night before the shower from the Sales Meeting. Ashley and I had planned the baby shower for months, so we had all the bases covered! Devon and Cody were showered with so much love and they got all sorts of goodies for Sassy! Now, the only part about getting to mess with all the goodies meant we had to be patient and just wait for another month until Sass made her debut into the, July 18th seemed like a lifetime away! 

After all the baby fun, North Carolina came to Texas! Uncle Jeff and Liz came down to celebrate the 4th of July, and get a little fun in the sun and shopping done! We had a blast, we taught Elizabeth how to two step, shopped until we dropped and got a ton of much needed pool time in! It was a treat that they came so early in the summer this year because there was still a bit of crawfish around town. We had it 2 of the nights that they were here and we were still craving more when we left! We sure love our crawfish! 

Meanwhile, my Dad's side of the family had planned to Meet in The Myrtle....
We used to go to Myrtle Beach every year with all of our Cousins, Aunts & Uncles and of course Nana and Pap! They would spoil us rotten, and we would have the best time ever just doing nothing at the beach! This year, since Nana and Pap were well enough to get back to the tradition of the beach we all wanted to make sure the trip happened and that it was the best trip ever! We had such a blast and had so much fun just relaxing and catching up with the family! Probably the best trip ever...

Myrtle Beach, SC 2011

 Cabe and I on the beach! 

 Pap, Nana, Jules & Cabe

 Cabe & Pap at the Pelican's Game 

When we got back from the beach, it was 2 days until Cassidy's due date! We were so excited and began to tie up a few loose ends! Ashley and I were completely out of control, but loved every minute of spoiling her from the minute we found out she was a girl! Now that she is here, we are still out of control and can't wait for all the fun in the years to come! 

How could you not love this little face?!

Sweet Big Brother Dylan with his "Baby Sister"!

This is the latest and greatest when it comes to what has been going on with us. Needless to say, we haven't had much down time and thats the way we love it! We are looking forward to moving Cabe to College Station in the next month or so and then a trip to North Carolina over the Labor Day weekend! 

Until next time....take care everyone! 


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